Tax return for 2021

The tax return in Norway for the year 2022 can be filed from 17. 3. 2024, when the first Skattemelding forms will be available on the website: By 21. 3. 2024, everyone should have received a Skattemelding . If you do not have access to, you have to wait until you receive the Skattemelding in paper form. If this does not happen by the end of April, it is possible to use the universal form, which is intended for this case. We have this form available if needed. If you need assisstance with filling in tax return, download the Instructions for completing tax return in Norway from the Documents for download section:                                                                  form is for those who live in a partnership, the other is for those who do not live in a partneship. Fill in the form carefully and send it to our email. We will contact you.                                                                                                                                       WARNING. There is one change in the depreciation of housing costs. This is only possible for a period of 24 months with effect from 01.01.2018. However, if you have changed the commune of accommodation and work, it is possible to claim accommodation costs again for a period of 24 months 

In case you also want to claim reisefradrag, I need a residential address in Norway, a workplace address and the number of trips per year. In case you also traveled to your home country, also the home country address                                                                                                                                                                                              

If you need assistance with making an appeal against a decision made by the tax office from previous years, proceed in the same way, but indicate the tax year in question in the table.