Complete list of services we offer

Job placement in meat industry in Norway                                               We have been working with Manpower s.r.o. since 2008 looking for workers to take up jobs in Norway. 

Assistance with filling out forms in Norwegian language                           We can assist you with filling out forms to claim family (child) benefits, register with NAV, change address and other applications required by the Norwegian office.

 Making an appeal                           We can assist you in making an appeal against a wrong decision made by NAV, Skatteetaten...

Phone Helpline                                                 If you need advice, or help and you are not our client, you can message us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.  

  Foreign National police registration         We will register you at the Foreign National police office   and book you an appointment to obtain a residence permit.  

Assistance in completing the occupational hygenie and safety course.                                                Before starting work in the meat industry, you must take an online course on occupational hygiene and safety. Successful completion of the course is conditional on passing final tests, after which a certificate will be issued.

Assistance with tax declaration in   Norway                                                  We will assist you with tax return, advise you on what can be done to reduce the tax base and file a tax return for you.

Communication with employer                      If your employment is contracted through our agency, we will arrange any communication with your employer for you.

Tax card application, Foreign National police registration                                 We can order yout tax card electronically - skattekort, or change the tax advance.