We are licence holders, that was granted by the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, licence nr.:AA/2009/29573/10604/OISS

I first came to Norway in 2002, and started to work there as a butcher for a company named Nordfjordkjøtt AS. During my time in Norway, I realized that Slovak people, butchers specifically, have a strong potential to perform well job-wise in this country. Therefore, I started to look for possibilities on how to get involved in this field. After a meeting with the representatives of Manpower AS in 2008, we signed a mutual cooperation contract.
Since then, we have been looking for and recruiting suitable candidates from Slovakia, Czech republic, and Poland. In addition to butchers, we also search for handy unqualified workers, who could fill other positions in meat industry. 
These include sawing meat, packing meat and products, operating packaging lines, salting and smoking meat, and auxiliary work in slaughtering livestock. We offer mainly seasonal work, in the March-April, June-December period. Manpower AS is the employer and the place of work are Nortura SA franchises throughout Norway. Over the years, our company has acquired a significant position in employing workers in the meat industry in Norway, through its reliable and professional approach.